Frequently asked questions

How old does my baby need to be? Who can come with the baby?

Newborns need to have had their 6/8 week GP check before the first session; older babies outgrow the course when they are mobile enough that they can no longer happily spend the session within the confines of their mat. Mothers, fathers, grandparents or any other carer is welcome, but we can only accommodate one adult per baby, and ideally the same adult would attend all the sessions.

What would I need to bring?

At every session you’ll need a device on which to view our song booklet, a towel, your usual nappy change and feeding kit plus a spare muslin or towel in case of accidents, and a toy/comforter. At some venues you’ll also need to bring a yoga mat, and you might want a cushion, stool or block. You don’t have to use cream or oil, but if you would like to, you’ll need to supply this, and you can read about your options here.

What should my baby and I wear?

You’ll be sitting on the floor and moving around your baby, as well as doing some gentle stretching, so it’s advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing, with layers to remove if you get too hot, and to choose something that can cope with the (unavoidable) risk of baby wee/poo accidents. You may want to dress your baby in a vest as their base layer, so that you can massage their legs but leave their tummy covered at the start of the massage.

What if my baby needs a nappy change, a feed, cries or falls asleep during the session?

Babies almost always need to feed, have their nappy changed, pause for a cuddle, sleep, or just cry for a bit at some point during every session; I encourage carers to tend to their baby’s needs without having to leave the room.

What if I’m due to come to a session but my baby is very unsettled or we’ve had a bad night?

The course is designed to nourish and support parents and carers first and foremost, as when a carer is thriving, their baby can too. If you or your baby are struggling on the day, please feel free to skip the session, but also remember that it's fine to come, even with an unsettled baby, and simply enjoy the company of the other participants and spend time in a non-judgmental, safe space; crying, laughing, expressing exasperation, delight and exhaustion, and eating snacks, and are all totally acceptable!

What happens in a session?

Each session includes time to settle in, 40-50 minutes of massage, and 15 minutes for discussion. We'll use a set sequence of massage strokes, learning about half in week one and building up in the following weeks. The course also provides a supportive environment in which carers can explore their relationship with their baby and increase confidence in responding to their baby's needs. Discussion time lets the group share experiences, knowledge, and get to know each other better.

How is the course structured? What if I need to cancel?

A course consists of 5, weekly sessions, each lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes. Before you book, please ensure you understand how everything will work, and that you’re able to attend all 5 sessions, as no refunds can be given.